Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

I know, I know. I went MIA on you, and I apologize. And yes, I realize the 2010-11 Anaheim Ducks season ended abruptly on Sunday in an agonizing Game 6 defeat to Nashville. I just want you all to know, I'm still here. And this blog isn't dead yet. On life support, maybe, but it's not dead.

I got caught up in a bunch of traveling toward the end, but kept up with the Ducks myself. Sometimes a blog becomes low on priorities. I promise you all that when the season begins in October (IN FINLAND!) I'll be here with the graphics you know and love, and with as much dedication as I can give to a blog. Until then, let's go over what happened while I was MIA--

Since my last post the Ducks went on an incredible stretch run for the playoffs in only losing 5 more games total, and winning the rest, to finish with 99 points in the season and they leap frogged over Phoenix, LA, and Nashville for the 4th Playoff Spot. Not remarkable? Did I mention it took until the very last game against LA to do so? And took up to the 2nd to last game just to CLINCH a playoff spot? Pretty damn remarkable to me.

They met with Nashville for the 1st time in their Playoff history and ultimately fell to the divers, sorry, I mean Predators in 6 games. Now let's mention how many injuries they were dealing with in doing so-- Both Matt Beleskey and Toni Lydman are set to undergo shoulder surgery soon, and Lubo is plagued with BOTH shoulders being injured and he's unsure of what comes next. Hiller, as we all know went down with Vertigo and is STILL experiencing problems with it. We know Getzlaf and Emery were dealing with "maintenance" issues that stopped them from full practices with the team during the playoffs. Unknown still what they're dealing with.

I have to hand it to the Anaheim Ducks. Nobody thought they would make it to the playoffs before the season started, nobody thought they would make it with the way they started (Horrible!), and they fought until the literal very end to make it in, and not only make it in, but claim home ice advantage while doing so. In retrospect, I sort of wish they had let L.A. take 4th. I don't know what would have happened if we faced San Jose instead, but I know we have beaten them before-- and they had trouble taking L.A. down. Things might have been different. I might be updating about a 2nd round. I might still be bitter that they didn't make it out of the 1st round. One thing I'm not is upset. They exceeded all expectations this year, and gave us a bonus. That in itself, is nothing but a win.

Til next season -- Have a great off-season. And I'll be here, on Teemu Watch. That entry last summer involving Scott Niedermayer killed me. I'd rather not have to do the same with Teemu. I'm hoping my Teemu Watch ends with a "He's Back!" kind of post. We'll see! (A wise man once said, "Good things happen...when you believe") ;)