Monday, March 30, 2009

Game 77: Ducks @ Oilers 3.31.09

Ducks Win 5-3!!!!!

"We're in a group of five teams that are competing and battling for two positions and we're just giving ourselves a chance to live another day and that's all you can do," Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said.

"We were not in the playoff picture for a while," [Scott Niedermayer] said. "We're just kind of focusing on playing well right now. We're just putting everything else aside, forgetting about the standings and things like that. Forget about who's doing what and just plugging away, and that's what we have to keep doing."

"We had what we thought was some reliable information," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "On a visual, it didn't even look close to me. I was so sure that I made the call and it was obviously a terrible mistake. You have to be sure and I thought I had enough information so it's a terrible feeling. It sabotaged what was looking like was going to be a heck of a comeback."

"You'd better be 100 percent sure," [Carlyle] said. "The curve is really something you can't call any more because it's 3/4-inch and it's a big curve. Teemu is right on the edge. We make sure, and it's part of our trainers' responsibility that he plays with a legal stick."

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Game 76: Ducks vs. Avalanche 3.29.09

Ducks Win 4-1!!!!

"Everybody in the room realized we dropped one that we felt like we should have had there on Friday night against Edmonton and lost two valuable points," Ryan said. "We knew that coming in tonight we had to get a good start, put some points up on the board and come away with two points before we go on the road for a tough couple of games."

"I think you have to talk about the team performance, about those two points, that is all that counts," Hiller said. "Every single guy in here has his work to do. I’m sure I had a couple of good saves tonight. But in the end, it’s the two points that count right now. They were important. We know that and we’re happy that we won that game."

"I think that probably the way it’s going to be the rest of the way, out right to the bitter end, we’re going to be fluctuating with the other teams pretty easily," Ryan said. "We know every two points is incredibly valuable, especially when you look around and other teams are winning as well. It’s important for us to control our own fate here and put another run together like we did last week."

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Game 75: Ducks vs. Oilers 3.27.09

Ducks Lose 5-3.

"We had a number of good chances there on the power play throughout the course of the third period," said Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger. "We were moving it around, moving our feet, getting seams and getting pucks to the net. At the end of the day, a lot those chances are going to squirt on to somebody’s stick and you’re going to put it in the net. Tonight wasn’t the night."

"We gave up four goals and we didn’t really give up a lot the rest of the way, but that is enough to win," said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. "You can’t be happy when you give up four goals and lose an important game like this. Our effort was there. Obviously, we could have executed better. The situation is we played our hearts out. There was no shortage of work ethic. These are ones where you have to pump people up because get down when you work and you don’t get the result. Tonight was one of those nights."

"I’m sure we’d like to have a better start," Giguere said. "After the first two minutes, I thought we controlled the game. Roloson really kept them in. If we play like this, we’ll win more games than we’ll lose. That is just the bottom line."

"We have to start preparing and focus on Colorado on Sunday," Pronger said. "It’s tough loss. You’re going to feel it here for a little while. When you leave the rink tonight, you have to put it out of your mind and make sure we’re ready to come to the rink tomorrow to work."

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game 74: Ducks @ Avalanche 2.25.09

Ducks Win 7-2!!!!!!!

"It's always important when you're on the road to get yourself into the game right away," Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle said. "We were able to do that tonight."

"It's a perfect time to be going on a streak like this because you want to be going into the playoffs at your peak," Wisniewski said.

"We were getting some fortunate bounces," Perry said. "It hasn't really happened in a while. You can't count on that every night."

"It's been a while since we've been on the right side of one of these," Carlyle said. "I can remember vividly about three weeks ago a 6-0 game in Boston that we were on the wrong side of the score. We were fortunate enough the pucks went this way."

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Game 73: Ducks @ Predators 3.24.09

Ducks Win 2-1 in SO!!

"He's so big that when he goes down, he can cover the whole bottom of the net from post-to-post," Selanne said of Rinne, a fellow Finn. "I had a chance to see what our three other shooters were doing, and I decided to go with that move."

Said Rinne: "He's very good at the shootout because he has good moves and fakes his shot really well. He was always my hero watching national team games. It's been nice to face him a few times."

"I just tried to react to what they were doing," Giguere said. "There's no way to know what they are going to do, so it is more of a guess."

"Points are at a premium," Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle said. "Both teams are in desperation mode, but we were fortunate enough to steal an extra point in the shootout."

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 72: Ducks vs. Coyotes 3.22.09

Ducks Win 6 - 2!!!!!!

"The power play has been effective at times for us and ineffective at times," said Ryan Getzlaf, who had two big power play goals in the third. "This was one of those games that we needed it big time and we were able to deliver."

Added coach Randy Carlyle, "When your power play delivers as it did tonight and then your penalty killing, it definitely was the difference in the hockey game. We have to try to build on more nights like this. It will continue to get tougher as we go into the final stretch here of 10 games in the season. They are more important points than they have ever been for our hockey club."

"We’re in desperate hockey right now," Getzlaf said. "Every night is a playoff game for us now. We got a huge game coming up here against Nashville. It’s nice to see we’re recognizing that and the situation we’re in. We just need to continue to play the way we are."

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Game 71: Ducks @ Coyotes 2.19.09

Ducks Win!!!! 3-2 in SO!!

"I think it's best not to go down having a move in your mind because then if he doesn't react well, you're in trouble," Ryan said, "so I just freelanced it."

"We were sure lucky about those two points," goalie Jonas Hiller said. "It wasn't pretty, but those are the kinds of things we need right now, just find a way to win."

"Every missed check or every bounce of the puck can have a huge effect on the outcome," Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle said. "That's what's so difficult for everybody involved in the game when you're in the stretch and you're in the situation we're in."

GAME DAY NOTES: "Anaheim is 7-8-0 in the second half of back-to-back nights. ... Miller is in his third stint with Anaheim after spending most of the season in the minors. ... Anaheim's Rob Niedermayer played in his 1,000th NHL game. He and teammate Scott Niedermayer are the fourth pair of brothers in league history to reach 1,000 games played apiece."

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Game 70: Ducks vs. Predators 2.18.09

Ducks Win 4-3 in OT

"It was huge for our power play," Selanne said. "Our power play hasn’t been very good and we know that we can win the games with a good power play. Tonight was a good example."

“I just tried to keep my stick on the ice and hoped it would hit my stick,” said Selanne, who got his 15th power play goal of the year and 1,200th career point on the play. He also broke out of a tie with Wayne Gretzky to move to a tie for 12th on the all-time power play goals list (205 with Joe Sakic). “When they scored the tying goal I said, You know it would be pretty nice to get the game-winner and get the 1,200th point at the same time. For sure, I wanted to do it at home if I could choose. It was a pretty happy ending.”

"We got two points," said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. "Yeah, we’re not happy that we gave up one when we had a one-goal lead late in the hockey game in your building. We’ll take the two points and now we move on. We have to prepare ourselves for tomorrow night at Phoenix."

Added Ryan, "We have 12 games left after tonight," Ryan said, "so to get started with a win at home was huge."

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Game 69: Ducks vs. Sharks 3.15.09

Ducks Lose 1-0.

"I think we did everything right except we couldn’t score any goals," said Ducks winger Teemu Selanne. "We had so many great chances. Those guys have one of the best records in the league and we had no problem playing against them, so that is a good sign."

"A typical example of when things aren’t going your way," Selanne called the (lone) goal. "It’s frustrating."

"We didn’t deserve to lose today," Hiller said. "I thought we played pretty well. But if you don’t score, it’s tough to win. They had some chances, but I think defensively we played pretty solid and we had some chances in their end."

"We just have to stay confident," Selanne said. "Wednesday is another chance. If you look at the teams we play against, they are exactly who we want to beat. Against San Jose, this would be a bonus for us. From now on, it’s playoffs. If we play like this, there is no team that can beat us. We just have to believe that and play like that."

Added Hiller, "We just have to keep working. I bet the luck is going to come back."

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Game 68: Ducks vs. Canucks 2.11.09

Ducks Win 4-3 in OT

“I just tried to get it up on him,” Niedermayer said, “and I think it got under his arm. Fortunately, I kind of bobbled so I didn’t really have time to think too much, which probably good. I just went down and tried to get it up high. I was just worried about not getting caught or not picked from behind and making a good shot."

“We needed it,” Niedermayer said. “We’re not where we want to be and this is a big extra point. We have a long way to go and we’ll take the two points. It’s nice to get back on the winning way at home."

Added Ducks coach Randy Carlyle, "It’s important for our well-being and our sanity more than anything. We’ve worked hard in some games and had as many chances as we’ve had tonight and still came up empty. It’s always enjoyable when you can find a way to win. It was a special play by a special player that won it for us. That is as strong of a team effort and as emotional as we’ve been in awhile."

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Game 67: Ducks vs. Wild 2.8.09

Ducks Lose 3-2

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Game 66: Ducks vs. Stars 3.6.09

Ducks Lose 3-2

"With the team losing guys that they won a Stanley Cup with, I think the chemistry in the room is going to take awhile to adjust," said Christensen, who came over in a trade with Atlanta. "Some of the guys just don’t know the new guys here, like me. It might just take a couple of games for everything to feel somewhat normal again. I thought we played well. We put a lot of shots on goal. Turco stood on his head."

"Everybody is going to beat each other and it’s going to be real tough," Giguere said. "Obviously, we want to get the points here at home. It’s not about the other team right now, it’s about us trying to win games and trying to put ourselves in a good situation. It’s up to us."

"It was just a bad break," Christensen said. "I was nervous for sure. You try to make a good first impression and on the first shift, you take a penalty and they score. It’s not the best feeling."

"I think with the number of chances that we did create and the pucks we directed at the net, [Turco] made some big stops," said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. "Some stops [Turco] didn’t even see. But that is when things are going your way as a goalie and things are hitting you. You have to take your hat off to him. [Turco] battled and had made the stops for [the Stars'] hockey club."

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Game 65: Ducks at Blackhawks 3.3.09

Ducks Lose 3-2 in OT