Thursday, February 28, 2008

Game 67: Ducks vs. Flames

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Ducks Win 3 - 1!!!

PERIOD 1: 2 - 0
PERIOD 2: 2 - 1
PERIOD 3: 3 - 1

Ok now it is completely 100% apparent, these 2 teams hate each other. It's alright we're done playing them for the regular season, who knows if we'll see them come playoff time. Ducks win tonight and they win in the series with the flamers 3-1-0. :) Tonight was a little odd, for starters Carlyle was not our coach tonight, he was out sick with the flu and asst. coach Dave Farrish stepped up to the plate as head coach for the night. And PRONGER himself was the coach for our defense. How weird!! Good Game!


"Randy was not here and we were missing some key guys, but we managed to put that to the side," Niedermayer said. "We just tried to play our game and got rewarded for it."

"I wanted to get him an idea of what it feels like to be back there," Farrish said. "He’s certainly been around long enough. He’s like a coach on the ice anyway. Any addition he could add to us back there was going to be appreciated. I thought he did a great job for us. I left him all night long. I said ‘Here’s what I want you to go with’ and I left him in charge of it. Everything he did was his decision.:"

"I thought the guys did a great job responding," Getzlaf said. "Our goaltender played unbelievable for us and that’s what we have to do. Those are the fun games to play in. Obviously we have to stay focused and try not to get into too much penalty trouble. We did a little bit there in the second period, but our guys rebounded well."

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trade Deadline is Over

The Ducks have acquired defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron from the New York Islanders in exchange for a third round draft pick.

Bergeron, 27 (10/13/80), has played in 46 games with the New York Islanders this season, scoring 9-9=18 points. Eight of his goals this season have come on the power play, tying for first among all NHL defensemen (tied with three players, including Chris Pronger). Bergeron went to the Stanley Cup Final as a member of the 2006 Edmonton Oilers, playing in 75 regular season and 18 playoff games that season.

A native of St-Louis-de-France, Quebec, Bergeron was signed as a free agent by Edmonton on July 20, 2001. He played his first full NHL season with the Oilers in 2003-2004, scoring 9-17=26 points in 54 games. Following the Oilers’ run to the 2006 Stanley Cup Final, he was acquired by the Islanders with a third round draft pick in 2008 for Denis Grebeshkov on Feb. 18, 2007.

Bergeron played in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) from 1997-2001 (Baie-Comeau & Shawinigan) and was named the Canadian Major Junior Defenseman of the Year in 2001.

The Anaheim Ducks announced today that the National Hockey League (NHL) club has acquired goaltender J.S. Aubin from Los Angeles in exchange for a seventh round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. In addition, the Ducks acquired defenseman Jay Leach from Tampa Bay in exchange for right wing Brandon Segal and a seventh round pick in the 2008 NHL Draft. The Ducks also traded right wing Brandon Bochenski to Nashville in exchange for future considerations.

Aubin, 30 (7/19/77), appeared in 19 games with the Kings this season, going 5-6-0 with a 3.19 goals against average (GAA) and .886 save percentage (SV%). He was assigned to Los Angeles’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate in Manchester on Feb. 8 and appeared in one game with the Monarchs. Aubin will report to the Portland Pirates, Anaheim’s primary development affiliate in the AHL.

Part of the first-ever trade between the Ducks and Kings, Aubin has played in the NHL with Pittsburgh (1998-2004), Toronto (2005-07) and Los Angeles (2007-08). He has appeared in 218 career NHL games between the Penguins, Maple Leafs and Kings, posting an 80-83-11-7 record with a 2.93 GAA and .900 SV%.

Leach, 28 (9/2/79), played in two games for Tampa Bay this season, going scoreless. He spent most of the season with Tampa Bay’s AHL affiliate in Norfolk, scoring 3-8=11 points with a +12 rating and 54 penalty minutes (PIM). Leach, who made his NHL debut with Boston in 2005-06, will report to Portland.

Segal, 24 (7/12/83), scored 5-9=14 points with a +1 rating and 46 PIM in 54 games for Portland this season. Acquired from Nashville for future considerations on June 25, 2007, Segal spent the 2006-07 season with the Milwaukee Admirals in the AHL, scoring 20-9=29 points with 84 PIM in 77 games played

Bochenski, 25 (4/4/82), appeared in 12 games with the Ducks this season, collecting 2-2=4 points with a +2 rating and six PIM. Acquired from Boston in exchange for defenseman Shane Hnidy and Anaheim’s sixth round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Bochenski also played in 20 games for the Bruins this season, scoring 0-6=6 points with a +2 rating and six PIM.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on Pronger

With nearly a week left to go until the next game (Seriously!!) I figured I'd just make a entry to update you all on Pronger's status after his face-to-stick confrontation last night, as fans usually like to know this kind of stuff when they see a star player leave the game...

According to Adam Brady on the Ducks official Blog:
"According to Randy Carlyle, Pronger took “a gash across the bottom of his lip and lost some teeth” but he's not expected to miss any games."

No broken jaw, thank God! But ouch, he lost some teeth! And that gash probably doesn't feel too good either. He's a tough guy man... If I lost some teeth and had a gash below my lip, I'd be in the hospital crying like a baby, and I certainly wouldn't play in a game any time soon. OUCH OUCH OUCH! I don't even want to think about it. As the commercial goes, I wouldn't make it in the NHL.

EDIT: Hmm apparently it really is worse than they are reporting. But the official word is still the lost teeth and a gash on his lip... so who knows?

EDIT 2: They released info that Pronger had surgery on his jaw, but even so he is STILL a possibility to play Friday. Geeeez. Tough guy.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Game 66: Ducks vs. Blackhawks

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Ducks Win 6 - 3 !!!!!!

PERIOD 1: 3 - 1
PERIOD 2: 4 - 2
PERIOD 3: 6 - 3

TEEMU SELANNE WITH THE HAT TRICK!!!! What a game!! It sure didn't take long for Teemu to register a hat trick into the books for this season (what he has played of it). :D YAY! Sweeeeet! There's a downside... Pronger left the game with a jaw "contusion" (Big word for cut/bruise) but the feeling is that it's not just a contusion but rather a broken jaw. (This is pure speculation right now, nothing but a contusion has been officially reported). For the sake of Pronger, let's hope it really is only a contusion! I don't have much else to review, the Ducks came out ready to play tonight and took it out on Chicago. That's all you really can say... GOOD JOB DUCKS! GREAT JOB TEEMU! (His ketchup bottle is exploding!).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Game 65: Ducks vs. Blues

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Ducks Win 2 - 1 in OT

PERIOD 1: 0 - 0
PERIOD 2: 0 - 0
PERIOD 3: 1 - 1
OT: 2 - 1

This was a fairly boring game, or on the boring side, until the 3rd period. Big goal that Teemu got credit FOR but I give most of it to Schneider for the slapper, Teemu gets the rest of the credit for directing it in the net. GOOD ONE!! Tied up the game, went to Overtime where who other than Sammy got the game winner. Total beauty, you could see it ready to happen from a mile away! Fans still booed the weasel, and they played a nice "Thank You Andy" message on the jumbotron for Andy, most of the crowd stood up to clap for him, I was a little dissapointed at how many didn't stand though. Big 2 points for us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game 64: Ducks vs. Avalanche

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Ducks Win 3 - 2 in Shoot Out!!!

PERIOD 1: 1 - 0
PERIOD 2: 1 - 2
PERIOD 3: 2 - 2
OT: 2 - 2
SO: 3 - 2

This was a pretty good game all things considered. Teemu had the 1st goal of the night and it was a pretty goal. He was just in the right place at the exact right time and he got it. And then there were all of those missed goals that really should have been goals but somehow the puck just didn't cross the line. The 2nd period was more than shaky and at the end of the 2nd there were only 10 shots on goal on our side, and 21 for Colorado. They came out ready to go in the 3rd though, Pronger had the slap shot that Rob deflected into the net that tied the game in the 3rd period. Huge goal! Much needed! And then we go to OT, and nothing happens. Shoot out time! Perry scores, Teemu doesn't, Getzlaf hit the post, but JIGGY stopped all 3 attempts by Colorado, which means DUCKS WIN!!! It helps that Dallas AND San Jose lost tonight. We're now 5 points ahead of SJ *They still have 4 games in hand though* and we are 4 points behind Dallas for 1st place and they don't have any games in hand on us.

Downside to the night, Carter got injured. He has a bruised forearm and will be re-evaluated tomorrow. EDIT: Apparently Marchant also went down with an injury last night. He has a shoulder strain. :(

Friday, February 15, 2008

Game 63: Ducks vs. Flames

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Ducks Win 4 - 2!!!!

PERIOD 1: 0 - 1
PERIOD 2: 4 - 1
PERIOD 3: 4 - 2

I tried to write my review earlier and the internet crapped out on me, I'll do it later. Only thing to really note is Selanne passed PK with all time points scoring for the Ducks tonight, with his assist.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Game 62: Ducks vs. Stars

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Ducks Lose 4 - 2

PERIOD 1: 1 - 1
PERIOD 2: 1 - 3
PERIOD 3: 2 - 4

I feel like I say this a lot... when these two teams play you get the feeling they don't like eachother. LOL. I think every team hates us... hmmm, at least every team that understands we're a threat to them. We may not win them all but we're still a threat. So... Let's start with Teemu's return. He got 2 nice standing ovations. 1 when they displayed him on the jumbotron, when he realized we were cheering for him he smiled that famous Teemu smile. Then when they displayed him again on the jumbotron after playing the clip of his first goal of the season (in COL) and at the bottom said "Welcome Back Teemu". That was great. Too bad they couldn't win to top it off. And Teemu didn't get that point to pass...the weasle in all time points scoring. He'll get it, but it wasn't tonight. Kunitz was the man of the night for the ducks with both goals for us, and had a sweet fight in the first that resulted in an instigator penalty, a ten minute misconduct, and the 5 for fighting. Giguere did ok for himself. Dallas had TWO 5 on 3's which was our ultimate demise. Dumb penalties at the WORST times. Uhk. There were SO many "empty net" chances for us too... Teemu, Beauch, and Getz all had a chance for those. Just wasn't in the cards for us tonight. Which sucks, because well we really needed this win...Dallas now owns us at 5 out of 6 games going to them. They play again sunday, and since it's only 1 game, not considered a losing streak. :) So we're good.

And not sure if anyone noticed or not, but the team store has some special shirts for sale. They are like the jersey t-shirts with the players name and number on the back... the shirt has 8 on the back, but instead of TEEMU it says "HE'S BACK" across the top. I got one. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Game 61: Ducks @ Avalanche

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Ducks Win 2 - 1!!!

PERIOD 1: 1 - 0
PERIOD 2: 1 - 1 <--- TEEMU GOAL!!
PERIOD 3: 2 - 1

Watching these two teams play you get the feeling that they don't like eachother. LOL. There's not much to say about the game other than there were quite a few scraps. Goal scoring was low, credit to the goalies, both of them. Teemu got his first goal since returning this season, didn't take him too long! :D Yay Teemu!! Sammy also got a pretty sweet goal too! Hard fought win, Ducks kept up the energy. Can't wait to see them Friday finally at home again! WELCOME HOME BOYS!!

They finally play at home on Friday!!!! :D Yay!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Game 60: Ducks @ Red Wings

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Ducks Win 3 - 2!!!

PERIOD 1: 1 - 1
PERIOD 2: 3 - 1
PERIOD 3: 3 - 2

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! This game was messy!! The ref's really let this one get out of hand and surprisingly it actually worked in our favor but OH MY GOD!! The last 5 minutes of this game was just MESSY!!! Detroit got the game tying goal taken away from them because of "goalie interference" it was immediately waved off.. In my opinion I agree with the call that was made *after seeing the replays*, but Detroit fans sure didn't. They proceeded to chant "BULLSHIT" loud enough for TV watchers to hear it. I have a feeling Detroit fans are leaving Joe Louis with a sour taste in their mouth, and I can just hear it "Ducks are a bunch of filthy cheaters". News flash, it's the refs who make those calls, not the Ducks, and for most of the game the Refs were HELPING detroits favor, not the Ducks. Anyways... WOW WHAT A GAME!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Game 59: Ducks @ Devils

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Ducks Win 2 - 1!!

PERIOD 1: 2 - 0
PERIOD 2: 2 - 1
PERIOD 3: 2 - 1

This was a very gritty game. (Oh yeah my apologies for no gameday preview, oops!). It was hard fought, and NJ kept up the pressure and the Ducks played through it and didn't back down. I'm very proud of them for getting this win, it was much needed and on the end of a back to back hard to get win!! :D Hooray boys!! And who other than my fellow Minnesota Native, Ryan Carter, got the only 2 goals for the Ducks. His first and second of his NHL career. CRAZY! Good job Carter!

Congratulations to Randy Carlyle who, with tonights win, took over the top spot for Most Wins as a Coach for the Anaheim Ducks. He takes the top spot with 121 wins under his belt.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Game 58: Ducks @ Rangers

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Ducks Win 4 - 1!!!

PERIOD 1: 1 - 0
PERIOD 2: 3 - 1
PERIOD 3: 4 - 1

All around good effort by the Ducks. I enjoyed this game! It's so nice to have Selanne back, we actually have a PP threat now. :D I've missed him on the PP. It's been so long.. Hah. It also helped that at the times where we did get sloppy, the Rangers were also sloppy so it didn't hurt us. I think that has to do with luck though, but I'll take it. :) Giguere had a great game too as the only goal that went in was a bit awkward.... GO DUCKS. And now we tie SJ for 2nd place in points.. of course, they're technically still in 2nd over us because they have a ton of games in hand on us.. but that's ok, we're still technically tied for 2nd place with 65 points.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Game 57: Ducks @ Islanders

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DUCKS WIN! 3-0!!

PERIOD 1: 0 - 0
PERIOD 2: 1 - 0
PERIOD 3: 3 - 0

Sorry for the late review of the game but things got a little crazy around here yesterday. Great way to bounce back from being shutout twice in a row, by giving a shutout to the opponent!! LOL. Jiggy technically got a back-to-back shutout, and recorded is 29th career shutout. Good job there Jiggy! Not going to get to high up on my horse because, face it, the Islander's aren't exactly a team to brag about beating... but after such a slump it's nice to get a win. :-) Teemu DID return this game, and I was in heaven! :D Watching him skate and pass and make plays... wow. He didn't even look like he's sat out for as long as he did. He's not at 100% but he'll be there soon enough and then really, watch out! I'm so glad he's back.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Game 56: Ducks @ Flyers

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Ducks Lose 3 - 0

PERIOD 1: 0 - 0
PERIOD 2: 0 - 2
PERIOD 3: 0 - 3

Yep you guessed right... I don't want to talk about it! End of discussion. *There's actually so much I could say, I just don't want to*