Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Game 1: Ducks vs. Sharks 10.3.09

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Graphic Credit: BuckyHermit @ duckscentral.net

PERIOD 1: 0 - 3
PERIOD 2: 0 - 4
PERIOD 3: 1 - 4



"They played a simple, solid game and made us pay for the mistakes we made," said Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer. "It’s the first game of the season coming in. Everyone has ideas of how they want it to go. The next thing you know, they get a couple of goals and it changes the plan. We probably didn’t respond as well as we could have when that happened. We have to be better."

"This wasn’t the performance that we were looking for," said Ducks center Saku Koivu in his first game with Anaheim after signing in the summer. "We realize that we didn’t play well. San Jose came out hard and capitalized on a couple of our mistakes in the first period. It’s more about the way we played. We lost too many one-on-one battles in the corners. We just made their night too easy and way too tough for ourselves."

"I think at the start we maybe weren’t playing as well as we needed to, but I thought it was going all right," Niedermayer said. "Then we made some bad plays and gave the puck basically to them to get chances. They made us pay. It got sloppy after that. We didn’t have sustained pressure in their end. In the third, we did a bit better job of that and that is what this team has to do."

"We just weren’t good enough in the hockey game," said coach Randy Carlyle. "It’s as simple as that."

Quotes Source: ducks.nhl.com


San Jose Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov fails to block a shot by Anaheim Ducks defenseman Ryan Whitney in the third period.

Photo Credit: sports.yahoo.com

Saturday, September 26, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Kings (Game 8)


September 27, 2009
Venue: Honda Center
Where: Anaheim, California
Time: 5:00pm Pacific


Such is the trend of Ducks taking a ton of penalties. If they want to go ahead and continue that trend, I think they need to work on their penalty kill. Sure, take all the penalties you want Ducks, just remember you need to have the ability to kill them off as well! Giguere could have also been a little more on his game, but most of the finger pointing goes to the penalties. I know, we won... but there were mistakes. They have a week to figure out and correct these problem areas because, ladies and gentlemen, the REGULAR SEASON for the Ducks begins on Saturday!

All in all, we've got a pretty good team here. And I'm confident in what they will accomplish this season. They just need to cross their "t"s and dot their "i"s... I'm ready, I know YOU'RE ready, and I'm sure they are ready. So let's get going! Is it Saturday yet???

Friday, September 25, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks @ Sharks (Game 7)


September 25, 2009
Venue: HP Pavilion at San Jose
Where: San Jose, California
Time: 7:30pm Pacific


Looks like the Ducks had their butts handed to them while I was out celebrating my friends birthday at Disneyland. TGIP. (Thank God It's Preseason).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks at Canucks (Game 6)


September 24, 2009
Venue: General Motors Place
Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
Time: 7:00pm Pacific


SIDENOTE: For those who have left comments, I was not receiving e-mail updates letting me know I had comments! They have been published and I was not ignoring them on purpose! :) Sorry about that!

Teemu Selanne celebrates overtime game winning goal with Saku Koivu! [Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Sharks (Game 5)


This game was a bit bland until Corey Perry put the Ducks on the scoreboard to tie the game. That, I think, lit a fire under their bums and then they just took off with the game. It was pretty much most of the boys who will be our official team roster out there tonight, not complete but pretty close. I think they could use some more energy or something, but maybe they were just chillaxing because it's preseason. *Shrug*
On another note, I know it's only pre-season but it still feels good to win against those Sharks. The sight of their jersey still ignites a temper in me, lingering from the playoffs and on the flip side still ignites the "we're better than you" attitude too. Ah, last but not least, I'll end with this: Nabakov gave Turco some pretty stiff competition tonight for the Academy Award. Haha oh that Nabby. Turco could be his twin. I mean that in the worst way possible. They're both fools.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks @ Kings (Game 4)


Since I couldn't actually SEE this game, and was going by the online stream, it's hard for me to effectively judge this game. I couldn't see how they looked out there, I couldn't judge the demeanor. So I'm just going to leave this as Ducks lost to the Kings 4-1, Kings 4th goal was an empty net goal. I wish I could have seen it so I could tell if this is a problem or not. Whatever. Ducks will win when it actually counts, and the kings can blow their wins on preseason games. ;)


Friday, September 18, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks @ Coyotes (Game 3)


Just a quick review of the most amazing part of this game:
In the 1st period the Ducks registered a total of 2 shots on goal. TWO. Coyotes registered 30. At the end of the 2nd period the Ducks are down 3-0 and heading into the 3rd period almost undoubtingly for a loss. Third period begins, and a whole new attitude hit the ice. With the help from Lupul and Sexton the score was now 3-2. With an extra push from Lupul the game becomes tied and then the final shove from Sbisa in overtime creates a 4-3 Win for the DUCKS! Looking back at 2nd period no one would have thought it could happen but it IS pre-season afterall. Anything can happen, and as a Ducks fan, I'm glad it did! Ducks are now 2-0 vs. Phoenix during the pre-season. My only complaint is that I didn't get to watch tonight unfold on TV! I was with every other Ducks fan in listening to the online radio stream, and with a very select few towards the end who stuck it out for the rest of the game only to be shocked back to life by what happened.

The Ducks continue their pre-season quest tomorrow in LA against the Kings.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Canucks (Game 2)


More notes from the game:
Koivu (for real this time) looked great and he will indeed fit in well. His pairing with Selanne is going to create a bunch of goals even if it didn't happen tonight. There's still kinks to work out, that's what pre-season is for! The duo will be phenomenal.

McCue impressed with his toughness last night. He's very talented with blows to the face, he also wasn't afraid to take shots at the net. He's in good with me.

Niedermayer is his usual self which is a good thing.

Giguere looked alright. He let in 2 of the 3 goals, he had some great saves as well. Most of his saves he was like velcro. He knows he is fighting for his job.

Also, just for those who tend to take pre-season a little too seriously, try to stop doing that. These games are not a preview of how the regular season will go. Last night, in my opinion, they were seriously playing for the 1st period. The last 2 periods were more relaxed hockey and kind of like practice with working on passing and setting up plays, rather than trying to win.

On to the next game! The Ducks will take on Phoenix yet again, only this time, they're in Phoenix!


PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Coyotes (Game 1)


A few notes from personal observation in my opinion:
1. Saku Koivu looks great --- haha just kidding everyone. I know, he didn't play today. Got ya!
2. Bobby Ryan is on fire, and will likely do even better this season than he did last season, as if that were even possible!
3. Luca Sbisa looks like he is ready to go. Didn't do anything jaw dropping but he did do his job like a pro would so he's good.
4. Joffrey Lupul is looking good. He has some work to do and still takes a couple high & wide shots, but he's gotten better since his last stint here. I'm glad he is back in a Ducks uniform.
5. That Sexton kid, I tell you what, he's good. He has chemistry with Bobby Ryan. And he hails from Apple Valley, MN which sits well with me since I grew up near that area.

Overall: This team looks spectacular and Ducks fans are in for a really great season. They look hungry out there, they look refreshed, they look READY.

And they will be back to the pre-season action again tomorrow night. Same time, same place, different foe. They'll be taking on the Vancouver Canucks instead of the Coyotes.


Friday, September 11, 2009

It's almost time!

Training camp is getting underway, pre-season starts on Wednesday, the hockey season is right around the corner! Congratulations to all hockey fans who survived the off season! We made it through! :)

This blog is ready to come back to life! I am ready for another great season!!

Drop The Puck!!!!!!