Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ok, We'll know by Monday!

Apparently Scott Niedermayer's new baby is due tomorrow (perfect timing little one)... so Burke extended his deadline to let us know what he intends to do through the weekend. So he could announce tomorrow but he'll probably wait til Monday. So we'll know by Monday!

I feel like I've done this before... this whole waiting game thing, with wondering every day what Scott is gonna do (and Teemu!)... oh wait. It's cause I have!

Teemu still can do whatever he wants but Burke held a press conference today and said if he hasn't made up his mind by the 1st then he has no other choice but to pursue other options which means cutting into the salary cap that's so far still open for Teemu. So... FOR THE LOVE OF HOCKEY TEEMU!! GIVE AN ANSWER BEFORE JULY 1ST!! :)

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