Monday, March 30, 2009

Game 77: Ducks @ Oilers 3.31.09

Ducks Win 5-3!!!!!

"We're in a group of five teams that are competing and battling for two positions and we're just giving ourselves a chance to live another day and that's all you can do," Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said.

"We were not in the playoff picture for a while," [Scott Niedermayer] said. "We're just kind of focusing on playing well right now. We're just putting everything else aside, forgetting about the standings and things like that. Forget about who's doing what and just plugging away, and that's what we have to keep doing."

"We had what we thought was some reliable information," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "On a visual, it didn't even look close to me. I was so sure that I made the call and it was obviously a terrible mistake. You have to be sure and I thought I had enough information so it's a terrible feeling. It sabotaged what was looking like was going to be a heck of a comeback."

"You'd better be 100 percent sure," [Carlyle] said. "The curve is really something you can't call any more because it's 3/4-inch and it's a big curve. Teemu is right on the edge. We make sure, and it's part of our trainers' responsibility that he plays with a legal stick."

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