Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You, Ducks!

The Ducks did great with all things considered. Their season got off to a rocky start and only progressed into a mediocre season. After the trade deadline things started to pick up, and they finished the season strong and clinched their 4th straight playoff berth, in a year where that didn't seem like it would happen. They burst into the 1st round on fire and took out the President's Trophy winners, the San Jose Sharks in a 4 - 2 series. A series where many thought they wouldn't make it out alive, but they did in almost dominating fashion. Then Round 2 against the wings, once again underestimated and many claimed we would be swept off the ice but we took arguably the best team in the league, despite being the number 2 in the west, to a demanding 7 game series, and it all came down to 1 goal where it was anyones series.

So thank you Ducks for such a great rollercoaster of a season, I had fun, and many Ducks fans around the globe had fun. And we all look forward to seeing you again next season, for another great year.

Stay tuned to my blog in the off-season where I will post all the updates that are a need-to-know basis. Will Selanne be back next year? Will Niedermayer return? Does Pronger get traded? All that information will be posted here as it comes. Stay Golden.

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