Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yay, a Ducks update! Selanne, Niedermayer, Stanley Cup

This blog in the off season often gets too quiet for my liking. I don't like posting rumors, especially bogus rumors, that's Eklund's job. But I'm not opposed to posting speculation. I mean, after all, most of the off season includes a ton of speculation about your team. So let's get going... I'm at the point where I'll grab onto any piece of Ducks news I can indulge in.

Reports are out that Selanne will come back for another go around as long as the Ducks want to remain a competitive team. A winning team. He wants no part of the rebuilding hoopla. He, like uh-- every single player in the NHL, wants the playoffs. He wants, of course, a shot at Lord Stanley. So he made it known. The OC Register article can be found HERE.

Now for the little piece of Niedermayer news. There's been rumors floating around that he might go to Vancouver (Bogus rumor, thanks Eklund) or perhaps New Jersey (more realistic, but still not likely). Well his agent came out and said it's likely Anaheim or nothing for Niedermayer. His family has their home here, they're settled in, yadda yadda. So calm those ruffled feathers. If he plays he plays here in Anaheim. The report can be found HERE.

And for those of us who get to attend the 2010 NHL Draft up in L.A. this year... there'll be a special visitor there on display. That's right, Lord Stanley will be making a displayed appearance at the Draft. Hilarious for two reasons.. A. The Draft is in LA, so it'll be on Display for L.A. fans to remind them of what they don't have, and B. The Draft is in LA, it's close enough for Ducks fans to migrate to -- and Kings fans will hate that, because well, we have actually won that Cup. And they haven't. WIN. LINK

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