Thursday, February 14, 2008

Game 62: Ducks vs. Stars

Photobucket vs. Photobucket

Ducks Lose 4 - 2

PERIOD 1: 1 - 1
PERIOD 2: 1 - 3
PERIOD 3: 2 - 4

I feel like I say this a lot... when these two teams play you get the feeling they don't like eachother. LOL. I think every team hates us... hmmm, at least every team that understands we're a threat to them. We may not win them all but we're still a threat. So... Let's start with Teemu's return. He got 2 nice standing ovations. 1 when they displayed him on the jumbotron, when he realized we were cheering for him he smiled that famous Teemu smile. Then when they displayed him again on the jumbotron after playing the clip of his first goal of the season (in COL) and at the bottom said "Welcome Back Teemu". That was great. Too bad they couldn't win to top it off. And Teemu didn't get that point to pass...the weasle in all time points scoring. He'll get it, but it wasn't tonight. Kunitz was the man of the night for the ducks with both goals for us, and had a sweet fight in the first that resulted in an instigator penalty, a ten minute misconduct, and the 5 for fighting. Giguere did ok for himself. Dallas had TWO 5 on 3's which was our ultimate demise. Dumb penalties at the WORST times. Uhk. There were SO many "empty net" chances for us too... Teemu, Beauch, and Getz all had a chance for those. Just wasn't in the cards for us tonight. Which sucks, because well we really needed this win...Dallas now owns us at 5 out of 6 games going to them. They play again sunday, and since it's only 1 game, not considered a losing streak. :) So we're good.

And not sure if anyone noticed or not, but the team store has some special shirts for sale. They are like the jersey t-shirts with the players name and number on the back... the shirt has 8 on the back, but instead of TEEMU it says "HE'S BACK" across the top. I got one. :)

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MaverikHockey said...

Oh lemme tell you, I was not happy with the game on Friday LOL. It sucks to see them lose like that their first game home, but they'll definitely do better against the Flames.