Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on Pronger

With nearly a week left to go until the next game (Seriously!!) I figured I'd just make a entry to update you all on Pronger's status after his face-to-stick confrontation last night, as fans usually like to know this kind of stuff when they see a star player leave the game...

According to Adam Brady on the Ducks official Blog:
"According to Randy Carlyle, Pronger took “a gash across the bottom of his lip and lost some teeth” but he's not expected to miss any games."

No broken jaw, thank God! But ouch, he lost some teeth! And that gash probably doesn't feel too good either. He's a tough guy man... If I lost some teeth and had a gash below my lip, I'd be in the hospital crying like a baby, and I certainly wouldn't play in a game any time soon. OUCH OUCH OUCH! I don't even want to think about it. As the commercial goes, I wouldn't make it in the NHL.

EDIT: Hmm apparently it really is worse than they are reporting. But the official word is still the lost teeth and a gash on his lip... so who knows?

EDIT 2: They released info that Pronger had surgery on his jaw, but even so he is STILL a possibility to play Friday. Geeeez. Tough guy.

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J.L.S. said...

It's just a small know, Pronger's a big guy, he'll be fine. Now...if my jaw got a "small fracture" I'd be more than day to day with hurt feelings...I'd be out for a bit and whining for much longer! :) He's a monster!