Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quarterfinals Game 3: Ducks @ Stars

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5:30 PM

Ducks Win 4 to 2 !!!!

The REAL Ducks came to play tonight and it was so NICE to finally see the team I KNOW playing out there. They had a solid 40, almost 50 minute play, the last 10 or so minutes were kinda sticky where Dallas managed 2 goals and put on the pressure! What a game to watch, I was on the edge.... Glad they pulled of the win because Dallas put on great pressure in the last 10. Wow. Alright I have to go run 1 mile for 1 win, off I go. :)


"It was nice to chip in," Pronger said. "We had a lot of guys step up and improve their efforts. It was better than it was in Anaheim, that's for sure. ... We realize the mistakes we made. We did a good job correcting those the first 33 or 35 minutes."

"We looked jittery and made some uncharacteristic mistakes," coach Dave Tippett said. "The reality check came in tonight about how hard this series is going to be."

"In these situations you want to keep it as simple as possible. There was pressure to play a good hockey game," Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. "We had to play our best game of the series and we did. Are we going to have to play better? For sure. ... We were fortunate to jump out to an early lead. But we found a way to keep it exciting at the end."

"It's the start we wanted," Pronger said.

"We showed can win against this team," Giguere said.

"There were 45 minutes where we played well," Morrow said. "We battled hard, outshot them and maybe outchanced them. The third period, we got some momentum and we'll look to use that on Thursday."

"I'm very disappointed in the outcome. But we're in a fix-it mode, not get angry mode," Tippett said. "We were chasing the game early."

"We have to play the way we did there," Robidas said. "We have to be ready to jump right off the bat and be willing to compete with them. ... We've got to realize we have to play well at home too and give a better effort."

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