Friday, June 12, 2009

Congrats are in order here...

Congratulations, first and foremost, to the entire Pittsburgh Penguins team and organization for being this years Stanley Cup Champions!

A specific Congrats to former Ducks players: Chris Kunitz, Petr Sykora, and Dan Bylsma.

I admit, I didn't think they could do it after going down 2-0 in the series. I thought I would have to live with the Red Wings (by the way, I'm proudly wearing my "Rather be dead than Red" shirt to bed tonight!) being the Champions YET again *eye roll* but the Penguins proved me wrong (and I happily admit, I was wrong). So Congrats you eastern birds. The western birds known as the Ducks might have to steal it from you next season, but for now, enjoy it!


tu madre said...

since we didnt get it, Im glad it went to the eastern bird. I am also happy for Kunitz. congrats to him (for the win, and his new baby boy).

hey, do you ever comment on BOC?

DucksFanZone said...

I don't comment on BOC but I do read it from time to time!