Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ducks Sign Marchant to Two-Year Deal

The Ducks announced today they have signed veteran center Todd Marchant to a two-year contract through the 2010-11 season.
Per club policy, no financial terms of the deal were disclosed.

“We’re pleased that Todd will remain a Duck for the next two seasons,” said Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray. “His versatility on the ice and presence in the locker room is something this club has deeply valued over the past four seasons.”

Source: http://ducks.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=436440

This is a signing I really wanted to see happen. Often times, yearly-- in fact, Todd Marchant is an underrated player by some Ducks fans. He's often the one to be thrown under the bus, the expendable player, the one we can trade cause what good does he do anyway? Some just don't really see what Marchant does for the team. It takes a trained eye, an observant eye, to really understand just how important Todd is to the team.

He does the little things that a casual fan wouldn't notice, like setting up plays and getting the team out of trouble, and then every so often he'll do huge things that any fan would be dumb not to notice (Triple OT Game Winner against the Wings ring a bell?) That's when the fans who usually throw him under the bus claim that he's their favorite player and they knew all along how vital to the team he is.

He's a key player, and it would have been a big loss to lose him. I'm glad that Todd "T-Bone" Marchant is still a Duck!


Bucky said...

I remember a while ago (maybe last season?) when people were calling for Marchant to be traded at the trade deadline. I was one of the people who were strongly against that move, due almost solely to leadership qualities.

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who realizes that now. (This reminds me of the Sammy Pahlsson supporters who were eventually proven right in 2007.)

DucksFanZone said...

I'd be willing to bet there will be a handful of fans this season calling for him to be traded-- yet again. It happens every year without fail!