Monday, October 22, 2007

Game 11: Ducks @ Blues

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PERIOD 1: 0 - 0

PERIOD 2: 2 - 3

PERIOD 3: 2 - 4

I was unable to watch this on TV but I had my radio in class with me. From the sounds of things, the Ducks are plagued with injuries. Getzlaf is now out, with an "upper body injury" that they never went into detail with on the radio. May might have injured his hand, but he was out playing after the scrap that hurt his hand. Of course, Bertuzzi and Schneider are still out. Rob Niedermayer was a scratch with a groin injury. Oh well, injuries happen. Can't avoid that.

From what I heard on the radio, it sounded like they had their usual slow 1st period. They played a better 2nd period, tallying two goals. But that just wasn't enough. They failed multiple times on power plays, which is a repeated offense by this team. Their power play/special team just isn't working out just right. Of course, there was an almost goal by Pronger, that went under review, and came out that he hit the crossbar. Sucks. That would have been the tieing goal.

A particularly annoying thing tonight to any Ducks fan, is the weasle Paul Kariya got two goals for his new squad. Yuck. His 2nd goal was the empty netter that brought the score to its final 4-2.

So in this 2 game roadie, they come back with 0 points. Playing Phoenix on Thursday at home. Which I have to miss out on because of class, but again I'll have my radio.


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J.L.S. said...

Kariya's backhand into the empty net at the end was a rough one to watch. You're spot on with the injuries thing -- Nieds, Schneider, Bertuzzi, May, one point Andy Mac went down for a minute or two, but he got it back together (though who knows, he may now be injured), Perry got hit with a stick and was bleeding -- but the Blues only got a 2 min penalty for it. We were falling all over the place. The one that troubles me is Getzlaf. It's unclear and they never really showed anything that may have done it -- but whenever it's an upper-body injury...well, that's cause for alarm. Argh! Some decent fights though - Moen and Parros both had some nice spars. We had many power play opportunities, but as seems to be the trend as of late -- couldn't really even get much set up. Oh well. Bring on Thursday. I hope Nieds is back soon.