Monday, March 10, 2008

Game 72: Ducks @ Coyotes

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Ducks Lose 3 - 2 in SO.

WHEN: 1 - 0
WHERE: 2 - 1
TIME: 2 - 2
TV: 2 - 2
RADIO: 2 - 3

This game was crap... not ONLY did they blow a 2 goal lead... but the shoot out line up they had chosen was just.... WHAT? Apparently the assistant coach picked the line up for that but RC had to ok it, and WHAT? It made them look like they gave up...Bertuzzi (miss) Marchant (big miss didn't even get to shoot it because he lost control) Pronger (miss). Things like that, that just make you go HUH?? I know.. Bryz had us solved twice before in the shoot out so maybe you should mix it up a bit... but common... go with Bobby Ryan, maybe Kunitz, and Selanne... we have Selanne now, USE HIM. Uhk. What a sad game to see. Blow a two goal lead. I'll be my optimistic self though and say "hey, at least we got a point!" :)


"We didn't match their desperation," Giguere said after a 3-2, shootout loss to the Coyotes on Tuesday night. "They wanted it more than we did. This was about desperation, and we did not respond." -- J.S. Giguere

"This was a huge game and we needed to find a way to get two points," captain Shane Doan said. "When we were down, everyone on the bench was relaxed. We knew how important this game was to us and had to somehow get back in the game." -- Phoenix Captain, Shane Doan

"We didn't accomplish what we wanted," he said. "Sure, we picked up a point, but also lost a point. On the road, you get what you can, but the puck did not bounce our way." -- Head Coach, Randy Carlyle

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