Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Game 69: Ducks @ Blackhawks

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Ducks Lose 3 - 0

PERIOD 1: 0 - 1
PERIOD 2: 0 - 1
PERIOD 3: 0 - 3

So I'm going to be honest here, I didn't watch this game. I was out at Disneyland and YES I'm blaming myself for the loss. LOL. Every time I am at Disneyland during a game we lose, so I wont be doing that anymore. MY BAD!! But I did listen to what the radio I had with me would pick up and it sounded like Chicago completely deserved their win. We weren't playing "Ducks" hockey and in an honest opinion, what I did catch it just sounded like we were fighting and got thrown off of our game in that sense. That's not a good way to win a game if you catch my drift, and it also sounded like they weren't getting many shots on goal.. 1 shot on goal in the 1st period? Seriously? Nope. Congrats to Chicago, they did deserve the win.


"We didn't play very well, it's as simple as that," Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle said. "They had more energy that we did and their execution was to a higher level. Our offensive players for whatever reason tonight didn't have much going." -- Head Coach, Randy Carlyle

"We didn't play to our level," said Pronger, who wore a face shield. "When we don't to that, teams beat us. We did get some traffic in front, but (Crawford) was able to see everything and they were able to box us out."-- Chris Pronger

"A few guys were taking advantage of his injury," Parros said. -- George Parros

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J.L.S. said...

I'll be honest too -- I watched the entire game (and I am not sure why). Although...all things considered, our penalty killers played a heck of a game. I think Parros' actions were uncalled for (I guess I didn't see them taking advantage of Pronger like he did) and overall it was really undisciplined play on our behalf. We shouldn't lose to teams like that...but, that's what happens when they get you off your game plan. Here's hoping this evening goes more smoothly!