Thursday, March 20, 2008

Game 76: Ducks @ Sharks

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Ducks Lose 2 - 1 :(

PERIOD 1: 0 - 1
PERIOD 2: 1 - 1
PERIOD 3: 1 - 2

Let's put it in simple terms. Sharks wanted it more, A LOT more. Ducks played like jellyfish... 0, yes that's a ZERO, shots on goal in the entire 3rd period from the Ducks. I don't even know! We had Hiller in net and nobody knows why... something happened to Jiggy during warmups and that's all we know right now... Hiller did a fantastic job and stood on his head, kept us in this one. He even took a puck to the helmet that gave him what Hazy called a "pressure cut" and literally laughed it off and stayed in the game. He continues to amaze me, I feel more and more confident when they put him in. With all that went on, the score was only 2 to 1, the Sharks, even with their heart and determination, still barely beat us with our backup in, without Pronger, and without Perry. Let's just hope they are streaking way too soon and that they can't keep up this hotness for the playoffs TOO. This loss just made it NEAR impossible for the Ducks to get the Division... it'll take a strong miracle to get it now. I'll cling to that. Had we have won tonight we would have only needed 1 more point to clinch a playoff birth, but our magic number remains at 3.

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J.L.S. said...

This game made me cranky. Hiller played phenomenal (as did his defense), but it wasn't our game at all. We have not been setting the tone in games very much this year -- not playing our style, instead...chasing after the other team. The third period was horrendous...and the Sharks were well aware that we lacked shots throughout that period. You got to hand it to the Sharks -- they have a special feeling going on right now, and the Tank is really pretty amazing to hear when they're all into it (at the end when they interviewed Roenick -- the crowd was all still there, cheering loudly -- preventing the interview from even happening for a bit). There's a buzz with them, but like you -- I'm hoping they're streaking too early.