Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game 8: Ducks at Senators 10.24.08

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Ducks Win 4-3!!!!

Period 1: 1 - 0
Period 2: 4 - 0
Period 3: 4 - 3

Dominated the first 2 periods then penalties took hold and barely squeaked by in the 3rd. This is why they need to play a FULL 60 minutes! Sutherby, Marchant, Sammy, and Getzy got the 4 goals which proved to be just enough to get the 2 points they desperately need.

"I think we feel good in the sense that we won," Ducks center Todd Marchant said. "We've won two in a row. That's a start, right?"

[on his goal] "I watched the replay after the game, and I'm actually looking the other way when it goes in the net," Marchant said. "I had no idea. It's just a fluke break - whatever it is. Those are things you need to get out of your funk, your team's bad spells."

"You knew they were going to come with some form of a charge," Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. "That's what good teams do. You expect, sitting on 4-0, that one power play or one penalty can turn the momentum. That's what it did."

"We played pretty good the first two periods," Hiller said. "We got a little lucky on a couple of goals, and then kind of lost our game in the third. I'm sure we're happy about the win, but we have to talk about it. "I felt pretty good the first two periods, but I was kind of late on all three goals, so I couldn't be all happy about that. I'm not all happy, but I'm on the right track."

"We played better than we played in Toronto," Carlyle said. "That's been our goal - get better every game. "We'll take it, even though we made it tight."

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