Thursday, October 30, 2008

Game 12: Ducks vs. Canucks 10.31.08 Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Ducks Lose 7-6 in SO.

Period 1: 2 - 1
Period 2: 5 - 5
Period 3: 6 - 6
OT: 6 - 6
SO: 6 - 7 (After a whopping 13 rounds)

"It was back and forth," Perry said. "We were up two, down three. It had everything in the game. We just came up short in the shootout. We didn’t have a solid game. Coming away with one point is good, but we always like to get two."

"It took forever," Hiller said. "That is probably one of the few games you’ll have in your whole career. It’s sad to lose it at the end. Roberto won this time, but we’ll see next time."

"It seemed like every puck went in somehow," Hiller said. "I think we showed a lot of character in fighting back when we were behind a couple of goals. We deserved that point, too bad we couldn’t get two in the shootout."

"Every game is not a Mona Lisa that you try to paint," said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. "Tonight was one of those games. I’m sure both coaches are not going to keep the DVD of this one. Either way, I look at it that we did some good things from a standpoint that we battled back when we were down and executed on power play to provide some offense. We’ve been on a pretty good string here, so we’ll just take the point and move forward."

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