Sunday, September 20, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Sharks (Game 5)


This game was a bit bland until Corey Perry put the Ducks on the scoreboard to tie the game. That, I think, lit a fire under their bums and then they just took off with the game. It was pretty much most of the boys who will be our official team roster out there tonight, not complete but pretty close. I think they could use some more energy or something, but maybe they were just chillaxing because it's preseason. *Shrug*
On another note, I know it's only pre-season but it still feels good to win against those Sharks. The sight of their jersey still ignites a temper in me, lingering from the playoffs and on the flip side still ignites the "we're better than you" attitude too. Ah, last but not least, I'll end with this: Nabakov gave Turco some pretty stiff competition tonight for the Academy Award. Haha oh that Nabby. Turco could be his twin. I mean that in the worst way possible. They're both fools.


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