Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PRESEASON: Ducks vs. Coyotes (Game 1)


A few notes from personal observation in my opinion:
1. Saku Koivu looks great --- haha just kidding everyone. I know, he didn't play today. Got ya!
2. Bobby Ryan is on fire, and will likely do even better this season than he did last season, as if that were even possible!
3. Luca Sbisa looks like he is ready to go. Didn't do anything jaw dropping but he did do his job like a pro would so he's good.
4. Joffrey Lupul is looking good. He has some work to do and still takes a couple high & wide shots, but he's gotten better since his last stint here. I'm glad he is back in a Ducks uniform.
5. That Sexton kid, I tell you what, he's good. He has chemistry with Bobby Ryan. And he hails from Apple Valley, MN which sits well with me since I grew up near that area.

Overall: This team looks spectacular and Ducks fans are in for a really great season. They look hungry out there, they look refreshed, they look READY.

And they will be back to the pre-season action again tomorrow night. Same time, same place, different foe. They'll be taking on the Vancouver Canucks instead of the Coyotes.


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