Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game 13: Ducks vs. Flames 11.2.08

Ducks Win 3-2!

Period 1: 1 - 0
Period 2: 3 - 1
Period 3: 3 - 2
"That’s more our type of game," Giguere said. "These are the types of games that we need to play consistently. It’s what it’s going to take for us to win until the end of the season."

"We were up 3-0 and it seems that after that, we sat back on our heels and watched them play a little bit," Giguere said. "All around it was a good effort, but I think we need to get comfortable playing with that kind of lead."

"Last game was a roller coaster ride, and that is definitely not the hockey that we want to play throughout the year." said Ryan Getzlaf, who had the first goal of the game. "Tonight was a good hard-fought battle. It’s nice to get that lead early and be able to maintain it."

"These are games that your emotions are running, highs and lows, through the game," said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. "For us, the most important thing is we found a way to gut it out and we won the hockey game. We know that there is areas of improvement that are required for our group to continue to have success, but we’re going to take the two points."

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