Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ducks @ Queens pre-season game 2

So from what I am collecting from the radio.. we have a lot of veterans in the lineup today, which means it'd be nice to get a win. Even though pre-season means nothing, a win should be achievable.

Names I have heard: Schneider, Bertuzzi, Pronger, Getzlaf, Perry, O'd, Dipenta...

Right now the score is tied 1-1.
Ryan Carter knocked someone out and took a penalty, and that just ended.

But now we're having another penalty.

So many penalties I just can't keep up.
I'll come back with the final score when this game is over.


UPDATE: The Ducks have won this game.
Schneider ended up getting hurt, with a MINOR sprained ankle. Didn't sound too serious.
There were a ton of fights.

Sounded like a good game!

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