Friday, September 21, 2007


Penalty is going to be a term the Ducks are familiar with AGAIN this year.
All THREE of San Jose's goals were results of power plays.
We had like 14 or something penalties against us.
They had three 2 man advantages.

We're going to be the most penalized team again. And while I like to gloat it worked for us last year, a bit of that had to do with luck. It's not gonna work every year, so I'd really like for them to knock it off.

I'd hate to be a ducks player at practice tomorrow!
RC is probably ticked out of his mind.

Ryan Getzlaf might be injured, or I should say hurt. Players can play hurt, they can't play injured.
A puck hit him square in the toe and he limped off the ice, returned for a short shift, and left the ice again.
He returned late in the game for the last shift of the night though, which says it must not be that bad.

Hope not. We don't need any more injuries as pre-season is coming to an end... regular season is but a week away!

In the end, we lose 3-1.
Oh and our lone goal was scored by none other than BOBBY RYAN.
That a boy, Bobby!

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