Sunday, September 16, 2007

We still suck at shootouts.

Tonight was actually boring. Um... games against PHX are always pretty boring.
We didn't play many of the upper level players.. a crap load of rookies played.

I wish we woulda had yesterdays lineup today... but why waste their energy on PHX?

Anyway we still suck at shootouts.. which is how we lost tonight.

The good thing is that pre-season doesn't count.

I'm not impressed with a lot of the rookies.

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Duckfan_01 said...

Agreed. I almost fell asleep during the third period. Bolt had several great chances at burying the puck but missed. Oh well, that's preseason for you.

I expect Bryzgalov to start in net tonight in Vancouver. He and his wife were sitting in front of me last night feeding their baby a chicken burrito and french fries dipped in ketchup!!!!!! OMG!!!! Crazy russians.