Saturday, January 5, 2008

Game 44: Ducks @ Coyotes

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PERIOD 1: 1 - 0

PERIOD 2: 2 - 2

PERIOD 3: 2 - 2

OT: 2 - 2

SO: 2 - 3

Suckered by the shootout again. Shouldn't have even gone to the shootout.. I don't know. Phoenix is not a team to toy around with anymore, they're turning into an actual threat which is kinda disgusting. Bryz after being traded there decided to become good at shootouts, what's the deal? Jiggy I have heard was battling the flu though, dunno if he was still feeling it tonight.. he actually didn't look bad until the shootout. He stood on his head for the 3rd period practically.. ah well. The advantage is at least we got a point. It's not 2, but it's not 0 either. It's 1. :P

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