Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Perry and Niedermayer are All-Stars, Too.

Due to injuries, Perry and Niedermayer have been named as replacements for the all-star games this weekend. So that gives us a total of 4 Ducks in the all-star games. Good stuff. NOW, to address those who think Niedermayer does not deserve to be an all-star this year... here is my opinion... He does deserve to be there. There is no question that Scott Niedermayer is an all-star player. No question! Yes, he did sit out for the first half of the season to think about retirement. But here's the deal, he was told by Burke to take his time, because in July he wanted to retire, and Burke told him to re-think it, and that he has no time limit to his decision. So he did what he was told, and looky here, we have him back with the team. Had he not been told to re-think his possibilities, he would not be out there skating. And then, he comes back right? Since Niedermayer's return the Ducks have the BEST record in the whole NHL during that time span... he brought the team back to contention for the number 1 spot in the pacific division. And no, I don't think it's a coincidence. He plays like an all-star, has the skills of an all-star, and deserves 100% to be an all-star. And if you're still not convinced, just look at it as make-up for last year when he had to sit out because of his foot injury.

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