Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game 53: Ducks @ Kings

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Ducks Lose 3 - 1

PERIOD 1: 0 - 1
PERIOD 2: 0 - 3
PERIOD 3: 1 - 3

A few hours before the game our family friend informed us that he would not be able to go to the game tonight in LA, and that he had spares. So we took them and off to the game I go. First time at the Staples center. We had pretty good seats in the VIP level. Hot dogs there are gross but they have some good cookies. The only thing missing was the Ducks team... seriously... Got to sit there and watch them stand around, look tired, and all the things in between. Jiggy got pulled, Hiller did a nice job filling in for him. At least the Ducks didn't get shut out... Rob (Or should I say..Robin?) tallied the Ducks only goal, and by then, it was too late. They had one in the first period but it was ruled "no goal" because it wasn't completely in the net before the horn sounded. I didn't get to see the TV replays but my sister said it was about a half second too late into the net. Sucks! Not the best way to start this long road trip, but they have the all-star break... a week without any real hockey.. Ughhh. Oh yes, and one more thing before I call it a night, Getzlaf's point streak has come to an end. Bummer.

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