Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Game 49: Ducks @ Predators

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DUCKS WIN 2 - 1!!

PERIOD 1: 1 - 0

PERIOD 2: 1 - 0

PERIOD 3: 2 - 1

Bochenski and Perry with the two goals! That was Perry's 25th goal of the season, and Bochenski got his 2nd. Good game, they survived. Pronger left the 1st period after blocking a shot and has a bruised knee. Not very happy about that, but I am happy the Ducks were able to pull of this win. Good way to start this road trip. Also, as of RIGHT NOW the Ducks have taken over the 1st place spot. We only keep that if SJ loses to Dallas tonight *Crosses Fingers*.

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