Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Game 46: Ducks vs. Maple Leafs

Photobucket vs. Photobucket


PERIOD 1: 2 - 0

PERIOD 2: 2 - 0

PERIOD 3: 5 - 0

Great game. The Ducks have now scored 10 goals in the past 2 games!! Tonight was nice because we had goal scoring from all different people. Bertuzzi, Perry, Bochenski, Weight, and Kunitz. Good job!! Getzlaf assisted Perry's goal and is now on a career high point streak. Bochenski got his first goal as a duck. Weight got his 700th assist and is the 5th US born player to reach that milestone. Oh yeah, let's not forget...Giguere got his 2nd shutout of the season. :)

Sidenote: If your comments here are not about the GAME and only to attack me via keyboard, then they will not be published. You can take those childish antics over to perezhilton.com where tons of people act the same way. Online attacks are not only stupid, but very childish, if you have an issue with me, take it up with me in person. Do not hide behind your computer.


Brandon said...

Beautiful game, other then that first period. Still I loved seeing some of the newer guys getting goals. Bertuzzi, Weight, and Bonchenski.

I'm happy this morning knowing that we rocked last night!

Oh, and you get those assh*les princess! :D

Mike said...

You read the PerezHilton pages? Someone needs a life! As for the comments,it shows how offended you are if you wont let thiem on your page! So, the people who are leaving them are getting to you!

J.L.S. said...

Wait, Brad May might return Sunday? I thought it was just Sami. His foot is all set to go? Crazy! Nice write-up. This was one of the few games so far this year that really reminded me of last year's domination. We looked good.

DucksFanZone said...

Brandon - I agree it was a beautiful game, reminded me so much of our team from last year. Nice to be scoring more than 2 goals in a game. :)

mike - It doesn't show I'm offended, it shows that I'd rather be talked to in person. I will be more than happy to address you in person since you are the only hater on here, so no, it is not "people" offending me. It is you fighting with your keyboard, with someone (me) who has done nothing to you to warrant the online attacks. It seems to me you are the one who needs a life because you keep coming to my blog, which you have stated you don't like, just to attack me for no apparent reason other than you dislike the way I keep my blog. You are not getting to me, but man up and talk to me in person if your going to attack. I'll be more than happy to argue in person.

j.l.s. - Yes Brad May was allegedly given the ok by the doctor to return to the team and he participated in practice with the team, so all signs point to a return Sunday with Sammy.