Thursday, November 22, 2007

Game 23: Ducks vs. Coyotes

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Period 1: 1 - 1

Period 2: 2 - 2

Period 3: 3 - 3 (dang nabbit)

OT: 3 - 3

S/O: 3 - 4

Penalties at the very end of a game are no bueno. The Penalty Pronger took however, can be described as a good penalty because it prevented (though I should only say delayed) a goal. But then of course they score on the power play so it goes into OT. Then a shootout, which I didn't want because it wasn't Giguere in our net, and Bryz was in the other net! Oy vey.

The plus side of tonight is, 1 point even though we lost.. and I won the trivia challenge. *does the cabbage patch dance*

Write this one off as the 3rd loss to Phoenix this year... umm what? That SO doesn't sound right, but it's true. Phoenix IS playing a lot better this year than in years past but Carlyle still puts in the backup against them when a starting goalie should be in. Not a bash on Hiller though, he played a pretty decent game and faced more shots on net than Bryz did. I just think Jiggy would be a better fit between the pipes against Phoenix.


Brandon said...

I'm going to try to attend this game, but unsure if I'll be able to make it until i get to work tonight. Hopefully i can!

I liked Bryz, and felt more secure with him in net at the beginning, but I still don't want him getting the 'W' lol!

We need to start a new winning streak!

DucksFanZone said...

haha I might be doing the trivia challenge thing that they do during a TV time out! I wonder if I'll know the answer... Hmm. I was supposed to do it last game where the answer was SO easy. Now watch, it'll be a hard question. :-/

Brandon said...

Pretty strong game for us.. unfortunately for us though.. we lost... again. Not to mention we had only a minute left in the 3rd to hold on too =(. I won't blame Pronger, he did his job, unless Doan was going to fan on that shot lol!

Oh and btw, I watched the game from home, and when the commercials were over, you could hear you answering the second question lol! So I guess you did get to do the trivia challenge! Grats!