Monday, December 3, 2007

Game 29: Ducks vs. Sabres

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Oh mannn. Today was such a good day to be a Ducks fan. I tell ya what. This was such an entertaining game to be honest. It was fast paced, and there were fights breaking out, and we won. Whew. and the cherry on top of course was when the jumbotron proudly displayed a message that said: Wednesday December 5th Press Conference 6:30PM. People started cheering. Then an image of Brian Burke appears, and the video plays. "We’re here to make what I would consider a major announcement and that is that Scott Niedermayer has elected to return and play for the Anaheim Ducks." and the screen goes black as everyone erupts with cheers and the opening video for the game begins.

A nice dominant game for the Ducks. And 7 to 10 days from now... the greatest hockey player STILL playing... will be on the ice in a Ducks uniform.


Unibek said...

I'll be at this game with some friends. We plan to get there early to go to the Blue Line Lounge, we'll be sitting at section 325 row A.

Lets win shall we? Then its to the Jack Daniels club! lol.

Go Ducks!

DucksFanZone said...

A win would be nice! :)

Unibek said...

That was ducks hockey!


I took my dad to the game and he had so much fun! Did you notice the Buffalo fans?! Loud for the first period, unheard from the 2nd to end game! lol.

When i was driving home, there were 3 things on my mind, 1) see the game highlights before hitting the sack, 2) watching the press conference, and 3) coming to your site to express my happiness! lol

But once again, CONSISTENCY! Can we do it?! HOPE SO!

DucksFanZone said...

lol sweet! Being on a list of things to do is awesome! haha. I'm so glad we have Scotty back... now the focus is on my favorite guy coming back or retiring!?! Ahhhh. LOL.

Yea I did notice the buffaslug fans. What did buffalo end up with at the end of the game.. like 15 shots on goal or something? They played like we played against Edmonton..

Unibek said...

haha ya it looked like the suck bug fell on Buffalo last night. I'm happy that the ducks played hard, and I hope they can continue to do so from now on. Scotty will be a tremendous motivational boost to the team!

And if Teemu comes back.... oh my.

DucksFanZone said...

the suck bug is hitting them tonight. 8 to 2 kings in the 3rd period.

Unibek said...

I saw that! Holy shit! Excuse my french!

Where did the kings pull that out of? Or is the suck bug hitting buffalo THAT HARD?!