Thursday, December 20, 2007

Game 38: Ducks @ Sharks

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PERIOD 1: 1 - 0

PERIOD 2: 3 - 0

PERIOD 3: 5 - 2

This was an absolutely great game. They got a LITTLE sloppy in the 3rd but still pulled off a great win. Nicely done, right before the holidays. Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays!! Still completely amazed with Scotty. You know.. when you don't have him for half a season, you forget what it's like to have him on the ice a little, you know he's awesome, but you just forget HOW awesome. These games with him in prove just how awesome he is. This week we played 4 games, and got 7 out of 8 points and only have allowed a total of 4 goals in that time period.

Can you imagine if/when (I prefer the term "when") Teemu returns... oh MY Goodness!! Ahhhhh.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone (that celebrates Christmas, or otherwise Happy Holidays!). Blog wont have any content til after Christmas, so enjoy the Holidays. :)


Unibek said...

Hey Princess! Ducks played an outstanding game for sure! I'm loving the 7 of 8 possible points with scotty back!

Oh, and Teemu...he is coming back! He came to me in a dream--true story!

Happy Holidays!

p.s. I knew from the beginning that big bert would do good on this team, he started slow, but he makes several plays happen each game now, and is scoring more often! I'm happy I bought his jersey at the beginning of the season. Woohoo!

DucksFanZone said...

I wont even be able to contain myself when he announces he is returning!