Sunday, December 16, 2007

Game 36: Ducks @ Sharks

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PERIOD 1: 0 - 0

PERIOD 2: 2 - 0

PERIOD 3: 2 - 0

Revenge in a dominant fashion is SWEEEEEET!! Jiggy records his first shutout of the season, actually, his first since December 6th of last year. Nicely done. Bobby Ryan contributes again (someone doesn't want to go back to Portland), and Corey Perry contributed also. A VERY nicely done job tonight. Lets go with best game of the season. And I still love the fact that Scotty is out on that ice again. :D Tonight... they looked like the Ducks from last year... it only will continue. :D A very big 2 points tonight as well.


Unibek said...

They mentioned that after the game the Ducks only have given up 1 goal with Scotty back. Now, we all know Scotty isn't stopping everything, cause there were plenty of close calls, but it just goes to show the confidence that man brings to the team. These last two games have been hard fought and I hope it only continues! GO DUCKS!

DucksFanZone said...

He brings calm to the ice.. I have noticed. Before he was back the Ducks seemed impatient making any pass as quick as possible, and now they take a second to correctly make the play. It's nice.

My stepdad said "Scott Niedermayer is capable of creating a goal a game, and preventing a goal a game, he's that good." It's very true.

They looked like the Ducks of last year tonight. A promising sign. I think they're getting their confidence back.

Unibek said...

Amen, Sista! lol. So true.