Thursday, December 6, 2007

Game 30: Ducks @ Blackhawks

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PERIOD 1: 1 - 1

PERIOD 2: 3 - 2

PERIOD 3: 5 - 3

Hooray Hooray!! Another game where they kept up the pace. In the 3rd, Chicago looked a little tired eh? Well they did have that last minute goal around the 1:30 mark, but then Kunitz gets the empty netter, and with that the final score of 5 to 3. :) Good game good game... Now on to tomorrow... :)


Unibek said...

How about a win eh?

We'll see if Scotty is realllly the motivation that sparked weds game!

Or maybe the team is finally getting it together...

or it'll be inconsistency again =p


DucksFanZone said...

So far so good. Ok at least. :)

Unibek said...

Oh the beauty!

I like consistency

Thats two games in a row that they've played like they want to win the cup for the first time all over again lol.


J.L.S. said...

Such a nice sight to see! Kunitz hussled at the end for that empty netter...I bet Robbie was jealous! Go hop on a plane!