Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pick His NHL Team!

If you have a twitter, you must now go there and tweet @johntmeyer and let him know he should choose the Ducks as his NHL team.

If you don't have a twitter, you must now go to his website Pick My NHL Team and enter comments letting him know he should be a Ducks fan, and you can even include why if you want!

Both on Twitter and on his site, you can enter as many tweets/comments as you want and they all count as a vote.

Ducks were off to an early and large lead, but now the Oiler fans have started to catch up.

WHY are we trying to get him to be a Ducks fan? Here's the 411:

I need a favorite NHL team, so pick one for me!

Every comment on this blog, tweet to @johntmeyer, post on Facebook, and message on YouTube scores a vote for your team. Make your voice heard if you want your NHL team to win.

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